VINCI Building Community Fund

For Talbot & Brunswick/Claremont – Grants Programme up to £500



The grants programme is available to support small local groups and organisations, who need modest amounts of funding to pursue their objectives and project activity. The process is intended to be simple and easy to apply for, ensuring funding reaches those most in need, as quickly as possible.  Blackpool CAN is administering this grants programme on behalf of VINCI Building

The fund will open for applications on 31st May 2024 and close at 5.00pm on Friday 21st June 2024

Applications must be able to meet the following themes:

  • Enhance quality of life for residents.
  • Promote social inclusion.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Contribute to vibrant, healthy, successful, and sustainable communities – and/or promote community spirit and encourage community activity.


Applicants applying must be delivering services or activities which will make a difference to disadvantaged people living in the Talbot & Brunswick and/ or Claremont wards of Blackpool.

Funding Available

  • In 2023-24, £2,500 is available to allocate for grants of up to a maximum of £500 per award.
  • In 2024-25, £5,000 is available to allocate for grants of up to a maximum of £500 per award.
  • In both years, the grant programme will close for applications when the available amounts have been allocated.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Small, voluntary organisations and community groups with, delivering services or activities within the Talbot & Brunswick and/or Claremont wards are eligible.  This includes social enterprises and Community Interest Companies (CICs).
  • Large scale, regional or national organisations are not eligible.
  • The grants are generally intended to be used for project services and activity costs which can typically include equipment, sessional costs, volunteer expenses, room hire, transport costs.

Additional Guidance

  • Applicants may only submit one grant application at a time and cannot re-apply until any awarded grant has been successfully completed and reported on.
  • This programme is available until 31st March 2025.

ineligible Activities

  • Projects which do not benefit disadvantaged people living the Talbot & Brunswick and/or Claremont wards in Blackpool.
  • The advancement of religion or politics.
  • The repayment of loans or payment of debts
  • Costs already incurred – or activities taking place before a decision has been made (retrospective funding).
  • A contribution towards capital refurbishment schemes.
  • Small, general contributions, towards a larger scale project, particularly where not all funds, making up the total project costs, have been secured.
  • Payments towards areas generally understood to be the exclusive responsibility of statutory authorities.

Application Process

  • Grants will be assessed and managed directly by Blackpool CAN on behalf of VINCI Building.
  • Applicants must apply using the grant application form provided.
  • We will be keeping the assessment process light touch, however we may wish to contact applicants by email or telephone, for further information, or points of clarification.
  • For any grant application related queries, please use the Contact Us form on this website

Decision Making Process

Award decisions will be made on a rolling basis until all funds have been distributed. This is to ensure an efficient decision-making process, ensuring successful groups receive their funding promptly.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Successful organisations will be required to complete a brief End of Grant monitoring report at the end of the grant term.

Your Data

We will only use your information where we have a legal basis to do so, for example, to carry out our legitimate business interests to manage and promote our grants or to meet our legal or contractual obligations. By providing any personal data about another person, you are confirming that they understand how their data may be used and shared.

VINCI Building Grant Application Form

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