How to use the forum

How To Create Submissions –  If your a group asking For Help

In order to submit your requirements for businesses to find and cater to your needs, simply log into the Sharing Resources area and click into ‘Groups Looking For Help’ and create a new submission.  Give it a title (preferably stating what you require from the businesses) and a summary of what service you need making sure to include key information such as contact details so that they can get in touch with you instantly after reading your submission.

A couple of things to avoid:

Avoid using a generic title such ‘Need Help’ or ‘Help required’  – This does not emphasise what you actually want, its best to state what it is that you need right from the off so that businesses that are browsing can better assist you.

Create a new submission for each requirement you need – In order to get the best assistance if you have multiple services that you need, it is wise to have each service as its own submission.  This also allows businesses to respond to a particular request independently rather than listing everything you need in one post and the businesses not picking up on the additional services and only focusing on one.

If you require further explanations on how to use the Service Exchange please get in touch with us using the contact form on the contact page and we shall look into assisting you or putting up another submission based on user feedback.