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December 15, 2016
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Better Start Award

One Blackpool Supporting Community Voice For Better Start £45M Lottery Funding

Following the recent announcement of £45m Lottery Funding awarded to Blackpool to support the Better Start Initiative, One Blackpool is proud to be involved with the Partnership.

One Blackpool’s role will include working with the Better Start Multi-Agency Partnership to support the new ‘Community Voice Group’ – parents from across the Better Start wards who are key to the development of the programme.

The Better Start initiative aims to improve the life chances of over 60,000 babies and young children across England through a ‘systems change’ in the way that local health, public services and the voluntary sector work together.

It will also enable One Blackpool to further support members in helping support local babies, children and their families. We are delighted with this announcement. This funding will bring a systematic change to the way organisations work together to support improved outcomes for the lives and development of Blackpool’s future generations.